About Me

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved baking.  I remember asking my mum if I could bake on the weekends.  It wasn’t until I had my son William, 11 years ago, that I started baking again!

William and I would bake together all of the time when he was really little. William would stand up on a chair next to the kitchen bench and help me with the ingredients and he would love to lick the spoon and the beaters.  I mean what kid doesn’t love licking the beaters – and he still does.

I made my first “character” cake for William’s 2nd Birthday – A Thomas the Tank – 3D Cake from a kit I purchased online.  Well that was it, I was hooked and ever since then, William’s birthday themes planning starts about 6 weeks out when we talk about the theme for the year -and so my love of Cake Decorating has blossomed.

As my cake decorating skills increased, my love of edible images also grew and whilst not every cake I make uses edible images, they do play a part in my design process.

This is a favourite photo of mine, William’s first day of school, and whilst I’m always behind the camera, I am very rarely in front of it.