Frequently Asked Questions

Edible cake toppers are a thin sheet of icing made with natural ingredients and are safe to eat. Food grade ink is used to print any image or photo onto the sheets in various sizes of either pre-cut sheets or sheets you can cut out yourself.

The ingredients for the icing sheets I use are:

starches, (E1422, E1414), maltodextrain, glycerin, sugar, water, stablizers (E414, E460i), Dextrose, emulsifiers (E435, E471), food colour (E171), flavours (vanillin), preservative (E202, E330)

The have a slight sugary flavour.

The ink we use is manufactured in Italy by food colouring experts, to the highest quality standards. The ink is a formulation of water, humectant, preservative, acidifier, and artificial colouring.

If you are having trouble getting the image off the plastic backing sheet, it may be due to high humidity.

Place the icing sheet into the freezer for about 60-90 seconds. When you open the freezer and bend the backing sheet, the topper should just lift off, if not leave it for a little bit longer until the topper lifts off the backing sheet easily when you bend the plastic sheet back.

If kept in their secure air lock bag, the icing sheets will last for 12 months.

You may see a decline in the vibrancy of the colours, so I recommend using them within 3-6 months of printing.

The icing sheet can be applied to chocolate ganache, buttercream, royal icing and fondant.

If possible, only apply the topper to the cake or cupcakes on the day you are serving them. The longer you leave them on the cake, the more time they have to be impacted by the elements and will become soft and mould to the surface you have applied them to.

I do not recommend that you store your cake or cupcakes in the fridge with the toppers on as the moisture in the fridge will make them sticky and can affect the colours.

Leave them on the bench top in a container or box, out of direct sunlight or heat or else they will sweat and also become sticky.

If using the toppers on fondant, first brush the area of fondant or the back of the icing sheet or topper with a tiny amount of water or edible glue.

Apply small edible images just like a sticker. Larger pieces will need to be applied slowly, from one end at a time, to prevent bubbles from forming under the icing sheet.